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Warm and woolly

This collection epitomises what I want to be wearing right now, rugged up with a (human?) blanket next to a warm fire...Maybe add some tea and a book?


Collection: LF Stores Fall 2010 Preview, photos courtesy of gofashionlane.blogspot.com




What to do around Perth: vintage sale!

Just a quick post to any vintage-lovers in the Perth area about a lovely Vintage sale coming up THIS Saturday!
Spotted on the cool blog PerthQuake (not really a fashion blog, more a what's on in Perth blog), the sale boasts nothing over $50 and bargain suitcases of things under $10.

For more information, check out the facebook event here!




What we're loving in Perth... Fusion Clothing!

What a gem!  Just a short walk from UWA...

Please bear with me while I tell you a little story...

Once upon a time, in a far off land called Perth, there lived two fair maidens called S & T.  These two maidens had a particular penchant for clothing (the majority of it being far beyond their budget) and an enhanced taste for designer accessories.  On a meagre uni-student wage (T being a professional vampire, and S sitting on babies for a living), this was a hole in their heart that could never be filled...

Then one day, on a long trek between campuses, they decided to venture into a little shop along Hampden Road known as Fusion Clothing... and this is where the story REALLY takes off.

Fusion, as it turned out, was not an old granny shop, tucked away behind a hairdresser's.
It is truly a treasure trove of vintage and recycled designer clothing that makes high end brands available for the same amount as full priced Esprit!  It stocks brands from Country Road up to Armani, Chanel, and YSL.
Of course, you have to be lucky to find something that you like in your size, as with any recycling boutique.  But when you're lucky... BOY are you lucky!

Le.Fanciulle have been quite restrained in this shop (because otherwise we'd both be dirt-poor), but that hasn't stopped us from picking up a few "investment pieces" from Fusion:

S's Mulberry "Roxanne" leather bag - a perfect every-day bag
T's Azzedine Alaia python-effect shoes 

Some much-needed leather belts, by Country Road

So next time you're taking a walk down Hampden to get your coffee-fix from Boubar, we definitely recommend taking a detour into this fantastic shop.  
Pam, the proprietor, offers some excellent advice; simply by reading her rap-sheet on the shop's website, it is evident that she has a lifetime's worth of experience to draw upon!  Her assistants also share Pam's passion for fashion, and it's really quite a challenge to walk out of the shop without something in our hot little hands.  Also, if you're so inclined to shop online, you can buy some stock from their website too.

Highly recommended!

xx S & T

P.S.  Have you got something hidden away in your closet that you never wear?  Or would you like to clear some space out for more clothes?  You could sell your garment on to Fusion Clothing - they're always on the hunt for more quality stock!  

Want to find out more? 
2/168 Hampden Road
Nedlands WA  6009
Phone: 08 9386 3936


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Man, I feel like a woman!

With all the beautiful, pretty clothing available, I do not know why masculine clothing appeals to me so much. The tailoring of the shirts and trousers always seem so simple and elegant... not to mention comfortable!

Things I note from all these pictures:
1. All except one have a brown leather belt
2. I need to invest in some more quality leather goods! 
3. Slimline pants, preferably a little bit fitted so as to look like a girl in boy-ish clothing... not an actual boy!
4. I should follow T's lead and 'invest' (I use that word quite liberally) in some good sunnies! (When money permits, maybe in 2050?)

International brand Kenzo even used female models in it's recent Spring 2011 menswear collection to show the versatility of menswear.  Judge for yourself in these pictures.

(I'm quite certain that is a girl)

Pictures courtesy of style.com, zanitazanita.blogspot.com, lookbook.ny, lovemore.blogspot.com, stockholmstreetstyle

xx S


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Currently Craving: some perfect shoes

I have a little problem. You see, I'm in love with a certain guy dress. And my love is so strong and overpowering that I am having a large amount of trouble finding shoes that are worthy of being paired with such a magnificent creation. (Totally objective opinion, I swear!)

You would think that narrowing it down to high heeled black pumps would be a good start, but as you will be able to see below, black pumps are not black pumps.

If I were the sort of person to spend over £600 on shoes (or if I even had that much money), I would buy this beautiful Giuseppe Zanotti pair.

T & I agree. These are the IDEAL shoes. Louboutins, of course. Just an easy £300!!
These Miu Miu shoes would be ideal, except for a few minor flaws: I won't be able to walk, I would become an absolute mammothly tall giant, I could no way afford shoes like this and lastly, even if I did marry a millionaire and buy these, he'd have to be about 6"5'!!
Now these DKNY shoes are actually affordable and possibly even walkable!
All shoes available at Net-a-porter

xx S



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Currently Craving: Tonal Wayfarers...

There are things that I like, and there are things that I get stuck on.  You know those times where you just keep having to go back to gawk at something that's caught your eye?

Well, that 'stuck' feeling has struck yet again!

Whilst getting my brother's birthday present (a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers - yes, he is a bit spoilt by me...) from Shadesdaddy*, I found these beauties:

So yeah, I am a bit of a Ray Ban fan.  But what's not to love about the workmanship, the quality, and the styles they offer?  

Here seen on Ashley Simpson - thanks to celebrity-sunglasses-finder.com!

Anyway, these ones here are Ray Ban Wayfarer II (RB2143) sunglasses with crystal grey gradient lenses - one of the latest reincarnations of the model that was first introduced in 1952.

They are a take on the classic Wayfarer shape, and also come in a few other colour combinations.  (However the black+clear frames are my favourite, and possibly the more practical of colour-combos available).  

Now I think I'm seriously regretting my brother's advice on getting a pair of tortoise-shell Wayfarers (for myself of course - to make the most of shipping costs!).  Because these are far too cool!

*Shadesdaddy: a US site where I buy my sunnies from.  They have a great range of sunglasses that are so much cheaper than Perth prices.  E.g. Clubmasters here are ~$200-250, and I got them for ~$100 (and yes, they are legit).  What a steal...
This is why I advocate online-shopping!

Stay tuned for more sunglasses posts as the weather warms up and we go on the look-out for stylish ways to protect your peepers.



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Currently Craving: Statement Necklaces

Jewellery...  It can make or break a simple outfit, it can jazz up an all black outfit, it can brighten your day! So what better way to do all 3 than to throw on a snazzy statement necklace!

We maidens have an absurd obsession with black clothing. (Actually, not so absurd when you consider that black is flattering and always elegant!)  BUT, the point is, our simple black outfits often call for a bit of "jazzing up" as our mothers would say.

Our love of bright/shiny/large necklaces is so complementary to this obsession that we feel our little rapidly expanding collection is certainly feature-worthy.

T's pretty floral metal necklace which was "cheap as chips from TEMT". It just goes to show...you never know what treasures you'll find in some places!

T's beaded necklace- a gift from the markets

Metal pentagon necklace from Wild Lily Empire, cute little gift shop we recommend to anyone with time (and dollars) to spare around Leederville or Hampden Road (Nedlands)!

A bargain Diva find. Cost per wear is probably down to about 10c by now, between my mother and I.



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Shazam!! A flashback before I depart teenager-dom

In the wake of my 20th birthday, I thought it would be nice to reminisce about the last 2 decades of my life by looking at my parent's photo albums.  Whilst I can clearly remember how fun it was to grow up in the nineties, little did I realise that growing up in that era definitely resulted in some daggy child photos... Let us now venture into...
Things that happened to me in the 90s!!!

Haircuts by mum - good.  Fringe-trims by dad... Never again.
One-piece wetsuit-esque swimsuits.  And my brother with his bather bottoms on his head.
Puffer jackets and patterned LEGGINGS-AS-PANTS!  It won't happen again - I promise!
Dungarees.   Unfortunately I don't have photos of the bright purple velour ones I sported when I was 12...

And saving the best worst most horrific till last...

The year 2000.   When fanny packs, sneakers and elasticated-waist jeans were too cool.  Even for me.

xx T



The League of Extraordinarily Well-Dressed Gentlemen: Dylan

It was always Le.Fanciulle's intention to appeal to both ladies and gentlemen - and here it finally is, a post that targets the latter.  And what better way to start the ball rolling than with our choicest selection of stylish male friends; our first being a classic-style aficionado, Dylan.
We asked him a few questions about what he liked about the clothes he wore for this shoot.
(And yes - he dresses this well pretty much every day!)

Desert boots: "... they go with everything, they're really comfortable, and they're better for winter than Cons!"
"I think men's scarves are ok as long as it's cold."
Wayfarers: "...So I was watching From Russia With Love, and Sean Connery whips out the Wayfarers, and I say to myself, "Yeah, I want to look like that...""
The jacket: "I liked the collar..."

Dylan wears: Sunglasses - RayBan, Desert boots - Rodd & Gunn, Scarf - Sportscraft, Jeans - Banana Republic, Shirt - David & Goliath, Jacket - Weathered
Location: Matilda Bay, Perth WA

xx T&S



    Maxi Skirt Inspiration

    I believe this is a dress, but on first glance it looks like top+skirt.

    Stockholm Streetstyle

    I want to know how do these girls wear such long skirts without being dwarfed?

    xx S
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