Thank you fast internet.  
 One of my latest victories in eBay-land resulted in this (which was already featured in this post): a 1980s Bally coated-canvas purse, thanks to Pepi & Rue!

As soon as I got it a few weeks ago, I went to town on the flaking vinyl lining - after a good hour of scrubbing, it was as good as new and I was covered in a fine layer of black synthetic dust.  All in a hard day's work!

More eBay loot to show you soon ;) (that is, if I stop neglecting this poor little blog thanks to surgery!)
xx T


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Colour Accent

The fabulous little pocket rocket of a camera I got early this year (after my other one sadly passed into camera heaven) has a few snazzy features. Colour accent and fish eye lens are the two I have given a good work out, but the fish eye mainly to take unflattering shots of my poor unsuspecting family!

Some random about the house shots of some new loot:

Top left: messy perfume collection
Top right: I found my maroon item to fulfill this craving- headband from Sportsgirl (excuse the sleazy face!)
Bottom left: same Chemist nailpolish as this post
Bottom right: new Sportsgirl bracelets + Pandora

Sportsgirl is such a treasure trove for girls wanting to stock up on accessories...perfect for poor students who want to jazz up (as mumsy would say) their outfits!!
xx S



Hound Doggin'!

As promised in one of my last posts, here's some video footage of our fun night out with our Perth blogger friends!  (Sorry about the delay - getting up at 5:30am to get to hospital for 7am does not make me a very productive person once I get home after 6...)  


xx T

P.S. another video will be on it's way - hopefully soon!



The Road Less Travelled

Hello little abandoned blog. We are already sorely missing holidays, but enjoying our new term...we'll spare you any stories of blood & guts!

With our next holidays seeming so far away, I'm beginning to dream about my quick whirlwind trip to Hobart later this year- it will be my third visit and I'm in love with the state!! I'll probably be cooped up inside at the conference, but hopefully will get to explore lots of the city as well!

This is where I'm staying!!
pictures from here, here and here

More fashion-y posts to come :)

xx S



How to not be a Boring Daggy (Wannabe) Doctor!

Every night I have plans to put effort into my outfit the next day...and each morning these plans go out the window when I wake up late with no time to waste on such frivolous things as choosing an outfit.
6am is no time to think about trendiness, let me tell you.

So to help both of us (T&S), I have put together a collection of easy non-time-consuming ways to make a black-pants+boring-top combination more fun.

1. Change the colour of your pants
It may be advisable to match your non-black pants with a more subtle shade up top to avoid being picked on in tutorials. Hey you! Girl with the ridiculous outfit! Answer this impossible question!

2. Tuck your boring shirt & jumper combination into a skirt. 
Add a belt on running-on-time days. Add tights when it's cold.

3. Make your tops interesting or whacky.
A whacky top de-boring-ifies black pants (for anyone who defies Step 1)

4. Invest in a smart dress.
A smart tailored dress (think Cue or Portmans) is an angel from above in the mad dash to get out of the house in the morning.  Dress + shoes = 1 minute to get dressed... it almost makes me want to go back to school.  Almost.

5. Choose a colour and stick to it.
This is definitely one for a morning running ahead of schedule. Try not to end up looking like a giant piece of tomato... or a blueberry... or worse, excrement. Brown on brown is never a good look.
all pictures from brigadierochoc

xx S&T



T&S' Holiday Adventures: Blogger's Night at Deville's Pad

On Saturday night, we went out with some fellow Perth bloggers to Deville's Pad and had so much fun!  It was definitely a way to end our week of holidays :)
Please excuse my lack of people-pictures - I got a bit carried away taking photos of random things in the bar (which was decked out like a cavern, complete with a volcano).  

However, I did take some videos so expect that to be up very soon - after I find some suitable Elvis music to go with it!

The super cool camera of Kaye of Fickle Sense
Ally (The Vintage Valley) and Kaye (Fickle Sense)
T & Alexis of Amgoorie
A go-go dancer to give that 70's vibe
The Burger Kings - playing some Elvis tunes to get the crowd going
Check out those creepers!!

Thanks girls for such an awesome night!  We'll have to make sure we catch up again soon!

Bloggers who made the night fantastic:
 xx S & T

P.S. Stay tuned for that video soon! And check out amgoorie & ficklesense (above) for more photos!



T&S' Holiday Adventures: In the Garden

As S alluded to in her post (here), after our trip to IKEA to help out Dylan's interior decorating dilemmas, we had a quick photo-shoot in the back yard before it began to pour down with rain.  We've had so much fun in our short week of holidays, taking photos where we could cram them in!

Here is my outfit that I wore on our trip - something cosy enough to brave the chilly weather in!  Lambswool Pringle cardigan - best $7 ever spent.
Thrifted Pringle cardigan, GAP top, really old Miss Shop belt, modified school skirt, Bally bag,  Payless oxfords

Hopefully I'll get around to uploading some photos from a make-up session I did with two other blogging med friends - Bec of Fictional Reality and Riti of I Read Therefore I Am.  It was so fun!  Perhaps I'll do up the videos I took as well and post them... :)

xx T



T&S' Holiday Adventures: Warm & Cosy

An ambitiously early (by holiday standards) trip to Ikea yesterday morning required a cosy outfit for braving the rain.  I have learnt my lesson wearing ballet flats in wet weather, so boots it was!!

T & I both took photos but you'll have to wait for hers!
Thrifted wool jumper, Saba scarf & Nobody jeans (thanks P), Boots from Europe travels, Asos bag
Rain-proof boots; they seem to only make these in Europe.
Random chemist nailpolish in Lilac.

If you have never tried the Ikea Daim chocolate, you must do so soon!! It is an experience not to be missed. After you do that, try the Daim chocolate slice they sell in the food hall. Mmmm.

Now I know how much guts it takes to do a solo outfit post.  Respect to bloggers who do this every day!

Coming up for the holidays: finish birthday invitations, DIY some exciting projects, cook & eat delicious food...  and yes, T, I will get around to clashing red & pink soon!!

xx S
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