Stylish shockers

There are just some things that shouldn't have been invented/designed. And some things that should never be seen. And some things that scar you for life.

While I'm quite a denim fan and even sport a denim bag for uni from time to time, I was lost for words when coming across these pictures on the Betts website...Denim shoes...?

On the theme of denim, an interesting picture below. At least these denim knickers aren't pretending to be shorts! What is frightening though is that these are made by One Teaspoon, ie they are purchase-able, which worries me.

Have you seen a horrifying style faux-pas recently? Don't even get me started on jeggings...

xx S&T



My Latest Loot Part 3- October

Just a quick sneak preview of a delicious (no I did not taste it) floral skirt I bought last week- second hand of course, as it is still October! I brought it home and Mum informed me it is handmade!! So I'm even more happy about it, seeing as I can be 100% sure no one will have one like it now, not just 99% sure like usual with vintage purchases.

I realise we've been giving an awful lot of 'sneak previews' of our finds and not many full views so hopefully in the next day or so we will be able to take some proper pictures :)

xx S

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Camels say...moo?

Here are a few pictures that are inspiring me right now. I am having a mini obsession with camel + leopard...and also camel + mid blue denim...and also camel coats. Ok, let's just say an obsession with camel!

I have decided that if I buy one thing (fashion wise) on my travels, it will be this wondrous colour. Can you believe I was actually ten years ahead of the world and had a camel coat in year 7!?? It's a pity fluorescent polar fleece was in at the time instead...

pictures via stockholmstreetstyle, altamira and Frida's blog

By the way, what DO camels say?

xx S

PS: How Isabel Marant-esque is that second picture!?



Two loves combined: Tommy and Sergio.

That is, Tommy Ton (of jakandjil) and Sergio Rossi, of course.

I present to you a visual feast...my favourites from the collaboration between Tommy Ton and Sergio Rossi, a streetstyle gallery called Sightings!

In looking back at my choices, I think I need to be a little more open minded with shoes and branch out from the high heeled closed toe pumps!! The green ones, though, are definitely my favourite.

xx S



I'm in a holiday mood...

Which is probably a bad thing seeing as our final exams are less than a month away now.

I blame the fantastic weather.
(I also blame the weather for sparking off my allergies, which means I'm covered in a rash half the time.)

The frog's eggs my brother and I rescued from our demolished pond have also turned into tadpoles.  
A sure sign that the weather is getting better!

And some homework (aka distraction from study).  Can't wait for January!!!

My camera tends to get a bit more love when it comes around the end of semester...

So I hope your studies are going better than mine are!

Thank goodness the boy bought me these awesome headphones so I'll be able to study peacefully in my spot in the library without going psycho at the year 12s which will be infiltrating the Med/Dent library soon. 

Back to the books!

xx T

PS: We went on a wild thrifting bus adventure today and came home (I mean, returned to the library) with some beautiful loot! Just to whet your appetite...



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Continuing my love affair...

...with Isabel Marant, that is!

I came across pictures of this Isabel Marant collection from Paris Fashion Week and just HAD to post straight away. This is the kind of collection I look at and think Yes! I want to wear this immediately! mean, Valentino and Gucci are all very well if you spend half your life on the red carpet/at fancy galas, but that is not the case for most of us!

This collection looks so wearable and comfortable. Apart from the see through mesh tops, it is all suitable for everyday wear! I can see myself wearing any of these for uni (if only I were so lucky!)

A light floral summery dress with a heavy leather brown belt is definitely a look to try out!
T has some pink pants like the ones on the left. I might bully her into wearing them soon.

 Another great idea (that doens't require $$) is knotting your belt instead of buckling it.
And of course, Anja Rubik, looking fab as always. (Small obsession here perhaps)

pictures via style.com
xx S



My Latest Loot 2 - October

S & I were sitting in the library on Friday, confessing our shopping cravings due to the barrage of assessments of late plus the fact that we're already half-way through Buy Nothing New Month!

Here's some of my new(old) pieces:

Silk SABA blouse - a steal from ebay (apparently only worn once - I have no idea why someone would sell it!).  Looks mustard yellow in some lights, and charteuse in others...

I love the pleats down the front and the billowing sleeves

My mum's old maxi skirt that I found in the dress-up box whilst looking for a zombie costume for my brother.  This is not going back into the dress-up box for a long time.
This is the most accurate photo of it's actual colour - it tends to go from silver to blue-grey depending on how you look at it.  It also hangs quite nicely (much like the picture below on the right). 

I reckon I'll wear it casually like this:

(images: Oasis at ASOS maxi skirt, chictopia)

Another Buy Nothing New Month update after S and I go for an op-shopping adventure soon!

xx T


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J Crew luurve

This is a totally wearable collection by J Crew for their Spring collection. T & I are both completely enamoured with J Crew, especially since they have been stocked at Net-a-Porter, making it buyable*! These pictures are making me really happy that Spring is here and summer is coming soon...I can't wait to start wearing white, denim and florals in short and floaty styles. Anything to get away from the black on black on black that happens in winter!

*not that we have bought anything, but at least now we can dream

Starting with probably my favourite picture of them all!
I love light jackets for Spring, so here's hoping it doesn't get too hot.

Gone are the days when 3/4 length anything was daggy. Now I'm loving 3/4 jeans, 3/4 chinos and alas- mid calf skirts!

A metallic version of my Dad's boaters? Why not!?

(T is in love with this look)

This picture reminds me of T's relaxed rolled up jeans + cons style. (Don't tell her I said that)

pictures via jcrew.com

Apologies for the lack of posting, we have had a really heavy week at uni and it's really ramping up towards exams. On another note though, the weather is absolutely beautiful in Perth and relaxing in the sun at lunchtime with friends has never been better :)

xx S&T



A Rose by any other name...

As you can probably guess, med is a pretty intense uni course, and any free time we get is devoted to study/scraps of social life/whatever we can cram in.  Of course some people are more efficient with their spare time.
Take our stunning friend Rose, for example, who is one of the finalists of the WA Miss Universe Preliminaries!

A super huge congratulations on making the top 60 Rose!

Please please please pop in a vote for her, just for us, yes?

(she's at the bottom of the page)

xx T & S

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Abbey Abbey Abbey

Sometimes there are Australian exports that are just a little bit shameful. Like Crocodile Dundee, making an awful stereotype for Australians world-wide.

BUT then there are those exports (we're talking human exports here) that you just want to claim! One of those is Abbey Lee Kershaw, model-extraordinaire. We, Le.Fanciulle, have a little model crush on Miss Abbey...not only because she is so darn cute(!!), but because she has such great style even when she isn't on the catwalk. She is a master of casual layering and looking well put together, but not try-hard at all!

photos courtesy of altamira, jakandjil

I also have a major hair crush (these are frequent occurrences of mine) on her latest long bob 'do:
pics via beauty.lovelyish.com

There is also her latest platinum blonde change, featured on blogs everywhere, but I prefer her brunette to be honest!

So, what do you think? One of our best exports yet?

xx S
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