Danse Macabre

Found these BloodMilk rings via This Chick's Got Style.
Handmade, delicate, beautiful - I'll let the photos do the talking for now (there's an explanation at the bottom).

The photos of the beautiful rings are interspersed between photos from my trip to Paris in January this year.  I haven't posted many of them anywhere at all - even S hasn't seen some of my shots.  The location of the photos is from the Père Lachaise Cemetery in the 20th Arrondissement in Paris.  It's a massive cemetery, which houses the graves of some of Paris' most famous next to the moss-covered unmarked tombs of everyday citizens.  Indeed, the last photo is indeed the tomb of Oscar Wilde, covered in lipstick kisses.

Whilst I'm not one to visit cemeteries in Australia, there was something so enchanting about Pere Lachaise.  Whether it was just the low mid-morning sun and the mist rising off the ground, or the fact that I've never really contemplated death and its mystery, is something I still haven't worked out for myself.  

I was reminded of these photos by the BloodMilk rings - probably because their creator Jess has a bit of a hankering for surrealism and the macabre.  Like her, I've always been fascinated with crows (or ravens?  I'm not sure what we have here in Perth).  I admire the look of their glossy black feathers and piercing eyes, but most of all I love that they're smart, bold birds; I used to feed the ones that visited our backyard during the holidays, to entice them to come nearer for photos.  (not very successful)

BloodMilk makes everything to order, and you can check out the blog here.
Jess is such a talented lass who handmakes all her pieces. (!!!)  Each design also has a backstory, and it's so good to see an artist who truly connects with their work and explains its origins.
Move over ManiaMania and Low Luv.  It's time for something different.

xx T

P.S. for those who are wondering what 'je ne vous oublierai jamais' is, it means 'I will never forget you'.




Lady Gaga - Guilty Pleasure...

We don't celebrate Halloween in Australia (well, some of the random kids down the road have been cashing in on the free lollies for the last couple of years, but that's about all there is).  If we did, however, I would make this candle head-piece.  

The idea is from Ruben Cortez's Lady Gaga tribute video - which is pretty darn amazing!  

Although I'm not the biggest fan of Lady Gaga's music, I am always enchanted by her beautiful music videos which are edgy, provocative, and visually stunning in my opinion.  Not to mention the insane creativity of her outfits!
My favourites would have to be Paparazzi and Telephone - the first probably due to its editorial-like influences, and the latter because it features Beyonce.  (another artist whom I don't listen to, but am similarly drawn to by her music videos)

Lady Gaga is my guilty pleasure - what's yours?

xx T



Hello Handsome!

Some procrasti-surfing of the web resulted in a discovery of the makers of those rad tights seen here on the Billie & Rose runway a couple of weeks ago (a reminder below for those who can't be bothered trawling through that very picture-heavy post). 

We Are Handsome "The Dreamer" leggings - photo by me (so stoked to get some good runway shots!)

Turns out, they're by an Aussie brand called "We Are Handsome" (check out their look-book) and they make some pretty snazzy things with their digital prints, like swimwear, leggings and bodysuits.  I'm a bit slow to join the band-wagon, but their pieces have been seen all over the place, from America's Next Top Model to Susie of Style Bubble.  Even Perez Hilton loves them.  (Ignorance: that's what you get for having a major time-eating life outside of the blogging world).
 The current collection came out in July, and from their twitter feed, they released their new 2011 collection The Vintage a couple of weeks ago. See it here.

Can't wait to see it; I'm putting off looking due to my poor self-control at focusing on study.  Although if there are more bodysuits, I might just be sneaking over to Billie & Rose after exams finish for some post-exam celebration.

xx T



J.Crew at NYFW

I have a list of NYFW shows to browse after exams, but one seems to have slipped it's way into my regime anyway.  Of course it would be J.Crew!

An amazing post over at Eat.Sleep.Wear reignited my obsession with this chic brand.  How it manages to hit the nail on the head season after season beats me!!

Perfectly in line with my green & aqua fetish at the moment. These colours are so Springy! And T's nail colour from yesterday would co-ordinate well with it. (*hint hint, T!*)
Again, yellow is an ideal colour for Spring. Those 2-strap heels are also perfectly appropriate for day time occasions. (Although I warn you- I'm nursing some nasty blisters from mine!)
Will pink, red & orange mixed together ever look boring? I doubt that.

I just had to include the above photo from Eat.Sleep.Wear.  The mix of colours & patterns look so good together!!

xx S




DIY Manicure Time: Spotted!

Whoooo - we can paint our nails again!
(a momentous occasion, due to the fact that S and I have finished our clinical exam!!  No more clinical clothes for this year babehh!)

Pity we have 4 written exams.  Le sigh.

In an effort to motivate myself to finish all bazillion lectures on blood and whatever, I painted a coat of nail polish each time a lecture was completed.  Therefore this manicure took me far longer than it normally would.  But at least there are spots!!

(Please excuse my ratty cuticles.  Eczema totally destroys my fingers and is the harbinger of much nail-related grief.)

Too easy to do!
1. Paint nails with desired base colour (after a base coat) - mine was "Green Park" by Maybelline Mini Colorama
2. With a steady hand, dot on little blobs of white nail polish - I used the French White side of my Manicare french manicure set.  You could use a toothpick for smaller dots
3. Cover with a coat of clear polish!

4. Match your polish to your pyjamas

5. Instagram stuff for a bit to prolong procrastination time

6. Blog for a little

6.  Get back to study Trish you lazy sod.

xx T



Going to Great Lengths

After spotting this maxi skirt at Net-A-Porter a while ago, I was amazed to then come across an almost identical one in a local op-shop.  The fit is so similar to the Elizabeth & James version, the colour (I think) is way nicer, and the best thing is that it was $262 cheaper!!  Win win win!

If you're a loyal follower (hellooo loyal followers!) of our blog, you'll know that this particular berry colour has been on my mind for a while.  Remember that?

I conned PX into snapping a picture of me on the skirt's first very very windy outing... (this was over a month ago now, but the weather is all over the place!)

Worn with a silk slip (the skirt is semi-sheer), Portmans t-shirt, Country Road flats

The temperamental weather & some bystanders

Study time again - only 9 days to go!!
xx S



Mad Men Enex100 Exhibition

I strategically went to Enex100 after all the shops had closed on Saturday - 1. mainly to prevent myself from buying anything; and 2. to have free photographic reign of the small exhibition of costumes on display.

Enex100 is currently displaying a selection of costumes from Mad Men, curated by the show's costume designer Janie Bryant.  It's one of those television series which has been sitting on my "to watch" list for quite a while now, and in a couple of weeks I'll be able to get into it!

Sorry for the majority of head-shots and torso-shots; the outfits were so meticulously put together and I'd have loved to have captured the whole thing for most of them, but thanks a major time restriction of 10 mins to shoot in, and the shiny glass barrier which was riddled with grubby finger-prints, I hardly even thought about trying shoot well through the glass.

Anyway, enjoy the photos!


Each outfit was so "finished" - down to the jewellery, shoes and other accessories.   

This pen necklace is so cute! It would definitely compliment our perhaps geek-chic style ;)

S's favourite dress of the exhibition. 
(S hijacking here: I actually have a half-made dress from similar material... holiday project for sure!)

The cutest little Mad Men barbie dolls!

The exhibition is pretty cool if you haven't made it down to Enex100 yet, but don't forget to pop in soon since it's only on display for one more week.

Back to the books... only 12 days to go!!

xx T



The Life & Times.

In case you're curious, the last week or few has been extremely studious.  The life & times of S & T have been reduced to study, eat, sleep, fooooood and other basic human necessities.

I suppose, though, there have been a few glimmers of fun amongst the horror of it all.  Like... dashing to op shops for study breaks, parcels in the mail, lots of tea, food, a new phone (!!) and of course finishing our first & worst exam today.

You might be able to tell I've been going Instagram-crazy!  Or you may have already noticed on twitter!


Post-first-exam celebrations above:
- Food (this post has been so food centred!)
- Some bright nail polish colours to celebrate the end of bare-nails
- Nails polished & debuting a leather purse from Salamanca
- New birthday Mimco hair clip for a dinner outing (food again!)

xx S
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