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Ahhh Paris!

After S gets back before Christmas, we'll be having a bit of time together before I head off on my own adventure to Paris and London after the New Year with my family.  I am already getting very excited about going, and mother dearest has asked me to plan some of the Paris leg of our family holiday.

Whilst reading some travel guides has definitely given me some ideas of where to go, I've been doing a little research via a few of S & my favourite French blogs.  Of course these would be The Cherry Blossom Girl, Le Blog de Betty, Le monde de Tokyobanhbao, and Miss Pandora (who are incidentally all friends).  

My favourite of them would definitely have to be Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl - her photos are always beautifully composed and her blog just looks divine.  She also has a Paris guide which I am going to trawl through now for some more ideas. 

Just a few photos from her blog just to whet your appetite!

If you do know any cool places that aren't usually featured in the travel guides, be sure to let me know!

xx T



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After exams I was feeling a little bit drained to say the least.  I guess that's what you get for spending more time at night in the library than in your own bed for 3 weeks.  
So I decided to fix that with my self-imposed tradition of a post-exam gift to myself.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with my self-gift-giving for this year!

Now on to the actual topic of this post.
I should let you know now that I rarely buy fashion magazines (I don't think Frankie counts as a fashion mag does it?).  Whilst I do have my favourites when I do decide to buy them, such as Harper's Bazaar or Shop, I don't really like the idea of purchasing something every month or so, which I probably won't ever look at again once I've read it (I'm not much of a re-reader).

But what this post is about is this nifty little (FREE!!!) app that I found, made by Style.com.  If you're familiar with the website already, you'll know that Style.com reports on all the latest shows of the major brands, and puts up lovely magazine-quality photos for you to peruse at your leisure.  They also have videos and reviews for you to watch and read.

The app lets you access photo libraries of latest shows (and also shows going back to 2000!), as well as photos of parties and men's fashion.  It also links to the look of the day poll, and the Style File blog.  There is an issue with the videos though - you get the audio but no video...  (I'm sure they'll address this in the next update since people have been complaining about it on itunes).

But it's free (who doesn't like free stuff?), and it is definitely a very comprehensive resource which you can now use on the go! (if you have an iPhone/iPad that is).

Give it a go and tell me what you think - xx T




Holiday Goals

Ooops - should have posted this one before S went away!
But I can report to you that she is having a ball in Europe - I'm not exactly sure where she is at the present but she did mention pub crawls (Ireland?), and spending food-money on Zara.
S has also taken plenty of photos, so hold tight for some of those when she comes back in 3 weeks.

We documented these here so that you (out there in the great wide world) will hold us accountable if they are not fulfillled!

T's holiday goals
Save up enough money to splurge it all in January
Start exercising regularly again
Get crafty a-la-Martha Stewart
Master the art of making macarons
Re-learn some French 

S's holiday goals
Make it home from Europe alive
Whip out the sewing machine and spend earnings on fabric
Go to the beach and get a healthy glow, but not get sunburnt (melanoma is not your friend)
Restart pilates
Bake and take the results on a picnic
Spend time with my favourite person and favourite people

Eat, sleep and be merry!



DIY: Flower Power

So... S is leaving for Europe tonight (so she's been busy with last minute packing), and Simon was losing some wisdom today (har har har! - he had his wisdom teeth out), so that left me on my lonesome all day...

It's really quite nice, doing nothing study-related for a change!  I can report to you that I am almost up to date with the latest season of Gossip Girl, and I have started a few more DIY projects that might just make it onto the blog in due time.

But today I was feeling particularly productive, so I decided to take some inspiration from the following pictures to come up with my own take on the ribbon-rose bib necklace!

Vera Wang
Foreverandaday at etsy.com
Lots of inspiration from here!!!

Why I came up with this idea, I really have no clue.  But I think there's plenty of potential with these ribbon roses (i.e. headbands, bracelets, etc.)

Firstly I made a lot of these... (or you could buy them at Spotlight)
Then I cut out a piece of fabric in the shape that I wanted it to be.  (I had to glue a few layers together to strengthen it)
I did think of adding some beads - perhaps I'll do that when I replace the ribbon later.

Assembling it with old-school needle & thread!
Individually sewing on the roses - a bit time-consuming, but worth it.
The finished piece before I sewed the ribbon on
Et voila!

xx T




Holiday DIY #1 - Fur snoods

As said in the previous post, T & I abso-fricking-lutely love DIYs. Our first project was to do something with the massive amount of fur that arrived on our doorstep from ebay. SNOODS, of course! I mean, it's really quite logical.

The humongous amount of (faux) fur
cut cut cut
 Folding into a a tube
 Halving into two tubes (no snood sharing in this 'hood)
 Securing the seam
 Voila! A tube of faux fur!
We inverted the tube the right way out- fur on the outside!
 The trickiest bit by far- stitching the ends together.
T hard at work. Sew, woman, sew!
The finished snood!

Now we are all set to rock Europe with our DIY snoods...let's just hope we don't look like complete imbeciles or get paint bombed by PETA.
xx S&T

PS: Some mucking around photos for your viewing pleasure

 The flowers wanted to join in the fun!
So did the boys!

Tell us your DIY projects!
xx S & T



Gettin' crafty!

S and I like to make things in our spare time (of which we finally have a lot of, thanks to the fact that exams are finally over!). 
Here's some stuff that we are itching to try out some time soon; don't worry - we'll keep you posted with our successes (or failures.  Both ways I'm sure it'll be hilarious)

1: Fur snoods
(a la asos.com)
We've got the fur and we've got the zeal.  Time to make these buggers!

2. Circle skirts
I don't have very many skirts (I'm more of a pants and dress person to be honest) - but I'm thinking that my foray into sewing proper clothes could begin with a very easy circle skirt.
Pictures from The Sartorialist & Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 (via style.com)

3. A tee-dress
Probably something along the lines of this Dion Lee Rorschach print dress - as seen on Emma Watson (I'm quite liking her hair!)
Seriously, how hard could it be to sew a tshirt?

xx T & S
Happy holidays!!



Little reminders of love

A while ago I came across this cute blog and every so often it's nice to go and have a look at a place that just makes you feel good!  It's like a warm fuzzies in a website form (for those who miss doing warm fuzzies at school!)

If you're the kind who loves romantic movies and poems and all things warm/fuzzy, then you will love this blog. Or perhaps we just love it because of our obsession with pictures of cute couples...

Just what you need to hear after a yuck exam!
The cutest of them all!!

xx S&T
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