Eat cake for breakfast!!

Isn't this video just so whimsical and sweet?
Just perfect for forgetting about being knee-deep in assignments and impending exams.
Sorry in advance for the lack of posting for the next 2 weeks from the both of us!

xx T



Knit knit knit

Once reserved for grannies & loners, knitting is now a hobby suitable for hipsters... emos...anyone!

I'm uploading photos of my very first knitting project EVER because I love to show it off & my family is sick of me walking around the house asking "isn't it growing!?" every time I complete a row.

Is that just a big pile of wool? Or could it be...

...a scarf!??

All rolled up...

It is huuuge...but has very uneven edges. Oops!

The colour is a random one I chose when I thought it was only going to be a trial project, but I just kept knitting... so I'll have to figure out what to do with it when it's done!

With exams on the way and a hugely annoying essay to write, T & I will attempt to keep up with posting, but it might not be as regularly as we'd like!

xx S




Ok - so I was thinking that the challenge I issued to S in this post was a little easy...  So I decided to up the ante a little with this new challenge! (which I don't mind trying out myself to be honest!)

I recall a year or so ago that S was complaining about someone wearing pink and red, which, on the flip-side, is now the cool thing to do given the colour-blocking trend.  You can see where this is heading I bet ;)


Thus the challenge for S is: 

Some inspiration to get her going:

Loewe                                                        Prabal Gurung

xx T




Floutfit is my new term for flat outfit. This post should be alternatively titled- how to do an outfit post when you have no photographer/tripod!!

This outfit is a modified version of one I wore out on the weekend (minus the tights & black trench!) & includes a couple of recent acquisitions: the boots, belt & dress! You can't really see the cute high neck or cap sleeves on the dress when it's laying flat like this, but trust me- they're there!
Dress- (no brand)- Bindaring Red Cross clothing sale ($3!!)
Belt- Banana Republic- Bindaring Red Cross clothing sale ($2!!)
Black silk shift
Black boots- Novo

Other loot from the sale include a James Perse tee, a Gap angora bucket hat, a navy chunky scarf...and that's all I can remember at the moment!

Hopefully for the next outfit post, there will be a person inside the clothes...

xx S


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T & I are currently chilling in the library, like the cool kids we are...is anyone else out there sufffering close-to-exam-time-social-life-deficiency??

One of our friends discovered this movie and shared it on facebook a little while ago. It's such an enchanting short film - a collaboration between Walt Disney & Salvador Dali (famous for surrealism).

Tomorrow, as a reward for finishing a practical exam, I'm going to leave uni early (oh the scandal!) and try out my new point & shoot by taking some pictures of my weekend loot!! Half-price Gelare waffles might take place in there somewhere, too...
Keep your eye out!!
xx S&T



T's end-of-crappy-week shopping round-up

Had a pretty sucky week, which resulted in me going on a mid-week pre-assessment shop with S where I made use of the 30% member's discount for Witchery.  More snuggly wool for the upcoming cool weather!

Today at work it was also pretty hectic, and I finished at 11am which meant I was far too late to pick up anything good at the Bindaring Red Cross jumble-sale at the Claremont Show-grounds. :(
(come join us in a 7am camp-out next year - we'll remember to remind you all about it next time!  I should really be more organised and stop neglecting the blog due to assignments...)

Anyway, I was sad that I missed the sale, so I took a trip to Mt Hawthorn to scout out 2nd Time Around - a designer-recycling boutique.  SERIOUSLY COOL - you should check it out if you haven't already been!  Little tip though - there are slim pickings if you're a size 6, but if you're a size 10 and up it is a treasure trove :)  I found a long-awaited replacement blazer by PinClove - it's so warm!

I also decided to pop into the Salvos down the road - it's a neat little shop with not too much stock, but enough to keep the regular-thrifter amused.  I couldn't resist some Guess denim shorts which were $3 thanks to the colour of the week discount ;) (the lady also told me that if you go into Salvos on a Wednesday and show your student card, you get 20% off everything - woooo!!)

Enough talk - more loot:
Witchery jumper, Guess denim shorts, PinClove blazer

Let's hope the upcoming week isn't so bad.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  

xx T

P.S. Stay tuned for S's loot-shoot of her Bindaring Red Cross buys!


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Salvatore Ferragamo

There are some items of clothing, expensive as they are, that are just worth the money. Not only would they last longer, but you'd wear them more and not need any alternatives!

Items I consider in this category, but have nowhere near enough money for:
- Ferragamo flats
- Burberry beige trench
- Louboutin patent black pumps

Who knows- by the time we have enough money for any of these, our priorities are likely to have changed...but hopefully we will still have a little left over for a treat!

xx S&T


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My latest loot: Leather half-gloves

I saw some gloves like these (in red) a few years ago in an editorial somewhere (I tried in vain to track this down, but could not for the life of me remember where it was).  Then for some reason, I remembered them a few months ago and went on a hunt for them - finally settling on a black pair from eBay which appeared pretty close to the Patricia Field original!

Gloves - eBay, Longines watch, Bec & Bridge jumper

I'm not exactly sure how useful they'll be here in Perth, since winter is pretty mild, but they'll certainly come in handy when I go travelling next January!  

xx T, awake yet again at 3am.   



Chunky Monkey

When I was in Dunsborough recently, I saw the chunkiest cream turtle neck wool jumper ever known to man. And what did I do with it? I showed it to mumsy & we laughed at its chunkiness!! 

What I should have done with it is pretty self explanatory after looking at the photos below.
pictures via jakandjil, vanessjackman

The answer is I should have bought it, if you didn't realise.

I did buy a few things, though! A brown wool overcoat & a silk singlet...both yet to be photographed.

xx S


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Threads of Hope

I zoomed over to the Threads of Hope clothes-swap after work today, run by the lovely ladies from Aroma of St Matthew's Unichurch in Shenton Park to take some happy-snaps of the event.  There were heaps of clothes, and the ladies who came to participate looked like they were having a great time hunting for some new threads!

After bringing along some un-loved clothing and trading them for some tokens...
There were some scones with cream & jam...
Then the clothes-swapping began!

Some happy swappers: 
(click on the photos to see them bigger)

Lindsay & Bronwyn; Jasmine, Sezy & Mandy
Liana & Sarah-Ann; Jessamy & Kiri
Sarah & Jen: two of the organisers!

Thanks ladies for organising such a great event - I hope there'll be another one like this soon!
xx T


These boots are made for walking...

Made the horrible mistake of walking in the city with Bec a few week's ago and ended up buying these from Rubi shoes (who were having a 30%-off Easter Sale...).  Such is the price you pay for having rotations in Royal Perth hospital I guess.  Too much temptation - don't even get me started on what we were drooling over in Forever New.

Even though I don't even go into Rubi shoes on my usual shopping trips, I had to have these boots seeing as I failed to acquire a similar pair whilst in Paris earlier this year and have been regretting it ever since!  

Also, Bec & I bought matching pairs hahaha.  Boot-buddies!!

Rubi shoes 'Gianna' boots, Sportsgirl socks, H&M dress gifted from S! ♥

xx T


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Dress of my Dreams

Lisa Ho is a beautiful Australian designer known for her absolute perfection in evening gown design.  (in case you didn't know)
This gown, presented at RAFW 2011 is one of my favourite gowns ever. And I mean e-v-e-r.

So what do I like about this dress in particular? It is...
-floaty with multiple layers of silk to the floor
-simple and unrevealing
-so beautiful it requires little to no jewellery/fancy hairstyle
-the ultimate shade of coral-y pink that makes up 25% of my wardrobe

picture via fabsugar.com

So guess what...I WANT IT!

xx S


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Nothing to do this Saturday?

picture from Practically Green

Feel like too much random stuff is clogging up your wardrobe?

Then come along to the 'Threads of Hope' Aroma Clothes-Swap!  S and I have never been to a clothes-swap before, so we'll be hoping to get in on the action this Saturday along with the lovely ladies from Unichurch.

What to do:

  • Get yourself to St Matthew's Unichurch - cnr Onslow & Derby Rd in Shenton Park at 10:30-11:00am, with $10 to participate (and go to charity) and some un-loved clothes (in good condition).
  • Bring some extra money for some devonshire tea, jam, or hand-made goodies!
  • 11:00 - 11:30 is mingle-time - come and meet us and get your photo taken!
  • 11:30 - 12:30 = choose your 'new' clothes ^_^

Hope to see you there!
xx S & T


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Miss S's birthday bash

Sorry about the posting-hiatus - we've had a fun-filled weekend out of Perth! These are photos from our last weekend, which included celebrating Miss S's* birthday on Saturday!

*Want to spot the birthday girl in the photos? Look for the one with the ahh-mazing hair!!

Miss S was spoilt rotten by our friends!

xx S&T
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