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This video (which I found on another West Aussie's blog, Love Thy Muse):

1. Reminds me of riding around like a hoon whilst trying to take photos on the streets of Himeji (home of a giant castle of the same name in Japan)

2. Makes me want to dig mum's retro bike out of the shed and hoon around on the streets of Perth.  Although of course I'd have to wear a helmet, which would ruin the hotness of the look.  Bah!


I found this video:

Which now makes me want to spend my earnings at Gorman, cover mum's bike with polka-dots, and ride around on a golf-course with a stuffed duck like a lunatic.  Don't deny it - you know it'd be fun.
Oh and she's wearing those crazy printed pants (@ 1:30) which I have dubbed the "happy pants" and would like to own.  Hint hint.

Ride on!
xx T


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Messing about with make-up

Oh golly.  
This post was meant to go up ages (and I mean ages!) ago...  It was done about 6 weeks ago in our holiday week (when I had time to do videos haha), and features our two lovely blogging med friends: Riti of I Read Therefore I Am and Bec of Fictional Reality, who were the MUA and the model respectively.  I also have a bunch of photos from this sitting on my computer somewhere, but you'll just have to wait for them until holiday week rolls around soon!!  

Anyway, here's a short video - my apologies for the sickly jaundiced look, as my camera turns everything yellow under warm lighting :P

xx T




Some Fresh Internet-spiration.

There are the style/fashion blogs everyone knows - think Jane Aldridge, Rumi Neely, Susie Bubble, Denni from chicmuse... and the list goes on.  Then there are other less famous but equally inspiring blogs.

Since I am always happy to discover a new obsession, I'll share some of mine in the hope they might be new to you!

A rare style blog that has no commentary except for what she's wearing. She's the master of layering!
This Time Tomorrow
Krystal has a very youthful way of dressing, perfect for us! (We like to pretend we aren't newly/nearly 21!)
Late Afternoon
Beautiful photography, awesome style, long golden hair & a pretty face makes for another great style blog :)
Meanwhile, back in Perth, T&S slave away in the hospital learning about bowels instead of designers, talking about assignments instead of shoes (most of the time), watching surgery instead of fashion shows & wearing scrubs & hush puppies instead of Marc Jacobs & Chanel.  And the funny thing is, we don't even want to trade!

xx S

PS: It's nearly T's birthday! I'd better get thinking ;)



Is she or isn't she?

Finally got around to watching Breakfast at Tiffany's a couple of Fridays ago, after having enough of study for one day.  I won't give the plot away for those who haven't seen the movie, but I have to say I did enjoy it!  It was a whimsical story of an eccentric lost-soul, Holly Golightly - played, of course, by the doe-eyed Audrey Hepburn.  Naturally, the clothes were also amazing (why doesn't anyone dress as nicely as in the 1960s anymore?).  *swoon*
I'll definitely be watching it again soon, along with some more Audrey Hepburn classics when I get my hands on them.  Which will hopefully be soon, as S and I have another much-awaited holiday week coming up soon!
Plus it'll be my 21st as well ;)

Got any suggestions for good (old) movies to fill my time with?  Gossip Girl is getting a little ridiculous, even for a spot of no-brainer television.

xx T

P.S: I started using Instagram on Friday, which you might have picked up on if you follow us on Twitter...  Cue the photo-documentation of my weekend, which included:

1. Some flowers

2. Degustation at Jackson's (boy, aren't we fancy now?)
I jest - it was to celebrate Simon & I making it to one year ^_^

3. Thrifting & DIY-ing

4. Fondue (and chilli mussels) for dinner.  My mother is a kitchen goddess.

At last, the iPhone camera gets put to good use!


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Coco & James

Are you a hopeless romantic?

If you weren't a minute ago, you certainly will be after watching this beautiful movie depicting the wedding of model Coco Rocha & artist James Conran. It is just picturesque and (of course) held in Paris, city of love. 

Trust me, it is worth the 20 minutes to watch this visual feast.

After all the birthday hullabaloo, we'll soon get back to some more normal posting...we both have loot to show you!

xx S



S's 21st... And all that jazz!

T & I have well and truly worked up this post!!  So here, in pictorial form, is a how we all celebrated 21 years of this girl (me) lasting 21 long years!  I am officially old!

The theme was a 1950s Jazz Soirée - and boy did the guests dress well and the music (imagine this) sure set the scene.

The amazing (and huuuge!) cake made by my honorary sis.  Not only did it look good, but it tasted  delicious!!
T, S & S: three inseparable girlies!
CQ's suave (non clip on!) bow tie.
That's us!  I reckon T has mastered the winged eyeliner.
Being spoilt rotten by family & friends, with the above watch being just one of the surprises!

Above photos taken by a few skilled boys & girls (thanks CQ & Mother S...), including my PX :)

Everything about the celebration lived up to my expectations - I began brainstorming the day after turning 20, so they were clearly high!  Goodness me, (sorry to gush, but...) I feel so lucky to have such lovely people around me every day!

xx S



Art Snob

In the interim, whilst we tidy up the post featuring S's 21st partay... please tell me I'm not the only one who fell in love with the intricate detail that went into Christian Louboutin's Fall 2011 Lookbook?  In a collaboration with Peter Lippmann, CL produced a series of images inspired by classic paintings featuring the label's collection.

I was inspired by these photos to go through my Paris/London photos to show you some nice ones I took at the Louvre, Versailles, and the British Museum.  But seeing as I have over 4000 (!!!) to trawl through from that holiday alone, and I really need to get off my bum regarding some real uni work, I'll just have to dig them out in the holidays and post one of those reminiscing-about-the-good-old-days posts.

Anyway, I'll leave you to enjoy photos (courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue, who got them from Christian Louboutin).  The top two are my favourites!

xx T



A Night in Black & White

A preview of a 1950s jazz Soirée we held/attended on the weekend. It will take me a while to choose which photos to include in a full post, so for now...this is the night depicted in black & white.

Pictures taken by a few dodgy characters: PX, CQ, Mumsy vdM & others

Proper post coming soon!

xx S

PS: By the way, it is exactly one year since our premier post! I think T has forgotten, shall I punish her for forgetting our blog-iversary? ;) Oh and expect some refurbishing around here very very soon.


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Getting Old

You may have guessed in this post, but coming up very soon is an exciting (and themed) birthday celebration, which calls for some retro outfit preparation!

I already had some shoes chosen, but then I saw these and they were even perfect-er.
1940s Boghoff earrings from an addictive etsy shop here

A short post I know, but there will be more after the fun!

xx S


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Make mine a Mulberry!

Was doing a bit of blog-reading and stumbled upon Mulberry's Fall 2011 Campaign on Le Blog de Sushi, the blog of a very cute Australian girl - very worth checking out!

Thanks to the cold week we've just had here in Perth, I'm super keen on getting into some crochet/knitting on again to make a big-ass scarf, just like the one on the left in the first photo.  Complete with the dinky pom-poms.  Of course, by the time I'll be finished, it'll be Christmas.  But that's ok, because both of us are likely to be going to China in the new year!!  Woooo!

Lap up the visual feast, foxy ladies (and men, who read this blog):

... and see the rest of the campaign here (thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue)


Watch the (ever-so-slightly creepy) video here:

Featuring that animal song again that was stuck in my head all through April.

xx T&S


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Currently Craving: The Midi

One advantage of being giraffe tall is that you have the potential to carry off a midi skirt without back-breaking heels. Asos has such a good selection of midis if you like the look.

Get them here and here and here.

Or alternatively, you could try your luck hitting up some op shops.

My success so far:

Country Road wool midi skirt
Sheer midi skirt
Cream wool midi skirt (kind of approaching 7/8)

I have to admit though...I'm yet to wear any of them successfully, but will be sure to show you when I do!!

xx S
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