Medical Ball 2013

Friday night was a huge night of celebration for our whole year group, with our final medical ball... what a bittersweet occasion!  We didn't take a huge amount of photos, apart from a few obligatory insta shots, so lucky for lefanch we had PX to take some happy snaps before we made it to the ball.


See below for outfit details & ramblings, as well as photos of some photos of our (might I say, bloomin' good looking) friends. 

Bigger selection of photos here.


T wore Alex Perry dress, Jeffrey Campbell shoes & Sarina Suriano ear cuff
S wore Willow dress & Florsheim shoes

Might I say, wahoo for super fancy dresses on super sale!


Above is a re enactment of our Restyle shoot pose, haha!  Such cheeseballs.

xx S & T



Dressing for Shenanigans

It's Saturday (hello Mr Obvious) and shenanigans are on the menu, with the occasion being our friend's last few days of being a miss!  The only problem?  In the aftermath of last night's ball prep, we want a no fuss outfit that will allow a hearty helping of dinner, a large dose of dancing & a little bit of shelter from the chilly wind.  The lass below manages to tick all those criteria without compromising on style, so forgive me if I just 100% copy her outfit.  Thanks, tumblr, for solving the crisis.

Image from tumblr

Lots more outfit inspo on our tumblr & pinterest for those days when we're blog-AWOL.

xx S


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T's Hair Inspiration

Following on from S's med dinner inspiration post, here's mine.

If you follow me on ye olde insta', you'll have known that last week I bit the bullet and sunk my teeth into one of these Sarina Suriano ear cuffs (currently sold out, soz...).  A bit of sparkle to brighten up a black dress.  Now what to do with my hair...?  Here's some inspiration - perhaps a side braid since my hair keeps getting caught in my bling?  However, I'm still stuck on the photo below with Cassi van den Dungen (blue background).  You'll know tomorrow which hairstyle I decide to go with!

med dinner hair inspiration
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Ling Ling you forgot your bling bling.

Any hair suggestions welcome - not too complex though, because I'm doing it myself.

x T



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Ball Beauty

Formal occasions usually become a big deal, verging on saga, for 50% of the population.  That is, the 50% that can't just wear the same suit again and look automatically dashing.  For this reason, it's typical to go for the safe options.  Safe up dos, safe sparkly dresses, safe ball-y shoes and bags... but that has always been off putting for me.  Without detailing my whole ball-attire life history, I must say I prefer to go for a fancier version of something I'd wear on any normal day.  Something more "me" and less "I'm at a ball."
Hot pink dress with red lipstick?  Now we're talkin'.

So, dress finally ticked off (I'll save you that story), and accessories chosen.  What next?  Enter my hair and makeup inspo.
Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 8.27.30 PM
Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 8.34.08 PM
Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 8.32.07 PM
Hot red lips
Asymmetrical, relaxed wavy style with a hint of vintage
Dark eyelashes (false? hmm....)
Healthy glowing cheeks
Full natural eye brows

Oh and you should see my shoes.  You'll die.  It's love,

xx S



Outfit: Denim & Leather

PFF2013 (41 of 49).jpg

"What are you turd burgers talking about?  Dressing for comfort?" - Fat Amy, Pitch Perfect

With the exception of my Saturday night outfit (BTW Bon if you're reading this - you did a great job with my Student Runway outfit however I was looking too super squinty to squeeze into this post), this was one of the few days of PFF on which I had (a) bothered to wear heels, & (b) had a photographer (Simon, below) handy to snap my outfit in decent non-squinty lighting.  Comfort dressing was key this year for both S & I, as we nipped backstage & crammed ourselves into corners to get the shots whilst trying not to get in the way.  Not a task to perform in full fash-pack get-up!    

Also, this is one of my tried-&-tested weekend looks.  Leather & denim is quite the killer combo - I'll be switching the trousers for shorts in the coming month as it starts to thaw out.

PFF2013 (42 of 49).jpgPFF2013 (40 of 49).jpg
PFF2013 (46 of 49).jpg

MNG sunglasses
General Pants denim shirt
Axara leather trousers (from Camodia! Who buys leather pants in 30 degree heat??)
Peeptoe Shoes heels
LV Speedy 25
Hat c/o Peachy

Zara pull-over
Hat c/o Peachy

xx T



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Photo diary: Puma Glow Run

I woke up a few hours ago to the raging wind & rain, which was a bit odd seeing as last night's Puma Glow Run had the most excellent balmy weather - perfect for a 5km trot with designated dance tents every few kilometers.  I guess you could call it "interval training"?  Even Simon had a good time despite complaining about having to do exercise the whole day!  A joint effort with Headspace (the nation's youth mental health foundation), the event achieved its goal of being a fun, festival-like experience without the need to be a hardcore marathon runner.  We felt like juvies again as the music pounded our ears, and blitzed ahead of the pack with the vigour of a 12 year old on cordial (which I guess, wasn't far from the truth since we did have a shot of gatorade).  Then we proceeded to stuff our faces with Korean food.  It was a good night.

PFF2013 (36 of 40).jpg


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Street Style at PFF 2013

PFF2013 (178 of 188).jpg

Chloe (pegasusunicorn.tumblr.com) & friend

I am impressed, citizens of Perth - more & more of you get dressed up for fashion week & have been putting more effort into your general appearance; much less of the thongs-&-jeans combo sported in the last fortnight!  Might be something to do with the generally crap weather which put a dampener on all things Spring, Summery & open-toed at this year's Perth Fashion Festival...  It almost made me want to stay inside & mope overb the weekend, but thankfully I pulled my socks up & went to the free Fashion Central shows which were well populated with some very trendy folk.  On both the Saturday & Sunday, the clouds parted briefly & I was able to take a few street style snaps!

Matt Jelonek (seen below toting the camera & wearing the shirt-appliqued-on-a-shirt by Singaporean designer, Depression) was commenting that the abundance of style mavens was probably due to the fact that the Poppy Lissiman & the Peachy shows were on.  I'd have to say I was in total agreement - whilst the same people frequented the paid (& invited) events, a plethora of loyal followers with their own unique styles turned up for the more accessible shows.  I just wish it hadn't been raining so much so I could have snapped away for longer!  Anyway, here's a small taste of what I saw outside the Poppy Lissiman/Amore + Sorvete & Peachy shows.  

PFF2013 (33 of 49).jpgPFF2013 (38 of 49).jpgPFF2013 (34 of 49).jpgPFF2013 (49 of 49).jpg
PFF2013 (1 of 142).jpgPFF2013 (39 of 49).jpgPFF2013 (174 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (177 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (176 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (179 of 188).jpg
PFF2013 (175 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (183 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (182 of 188).jpg
PFF2013 (180 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (181 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (187 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (186 of 188).jpgPFF2013 (188 of 188).jpg

I am *pretty* certain that this is our second-last PFF-related post (how could I leave you without my own outfit??)!  My goodness, I can't believe we've finished.

Here's a list of our posts full of Perth Fashion Festival goodness, for easy reference:

No rest for the wicked - back into the blogging business tonight with my coverage of the Glow Run (which you can actually pay for TONIGHT at the race if you're keen on joining me!!).

Many thanks for coming along for the PFF ride with us :)

xx T




DIY: What a Novel Clutch!

So you think this is a normal book? 
Not quite...


I loved the book-style clutches the first time I saw them.  As a bookworm from way back (granted the books have sadly become non fiction of late), certain books can bring back so many memories.  Carrying a childhood book in the form of one of these quirky clutches would spark many a conversation, and there's nothing like striking up new friendships with randoms in the street!  (really!)

We decided it was high time to create a Le Fanciulle version of these clutches, since there is an absolute street style epidemic of them and we hardly have the moolah to afford one of Olympia Le Tan's handmade-in-france delicacies.


If you want to see how easy it is to make one of these, read through!


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Backstage at PFF 2013: Camilla & Marc

This post is an encore of sorts.  Whilst you're still clapping from the marvellousness that was the Ellery closing show, here is a little trip down memory lane to Sunday's Camilla & Marc charity show.  Backstage, bien sûr.


Tiggy, named model of the moment by the weekend papers & rightly so!  




Backstage at PFF 2013: Ellery Closing

PFF2013 (10 of 73).jpg

And that's a wrap!

Six full-on days of fashion culminated last night in the closing night featuring Perth export Kym Ellery's designs on the runway.  Unfortunately we couldn't bring you the runway action (which I am now insanely jealous of since Sara of Harper & Harley was there), but study takes preference over wheedling my way into a show.  Backstage with L'Oreal Professionnel, it was third time lucky with the hair look for the night - the "un-done" tresses undergoing two further transformations into the final sleek ponytail.

PFF2013 (41 of 73).jpg

Take a final peek backstage with us as we wrap up our coverage of the hair looks - a huge thank you to Bianca, Brad, & the rest of the backstage team who put up with our shutter-bugging antics.  



PFF 2013: Curtin University 10 Year Retrospective

3rd Year Evening wear (above)

The Curtin 10 Year Retrospective (part of PFF) showcased an array of past and present students with designs so varied you could not predict what would walk out next... and that is exactly why we love student fashion shows.  100% creativity let loose.  Admittedly, when you let people loose with materials, scissors, a needle & thread, you get results varying from crazy to beautiful.  Take a peep below for examples of both. (Named, where possible)


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PFF 2013: Peachy [Highlights]

PFF2013 (78 of 142).jpg

Cast your minds back to mid-July when we did this shoot - Bec & Jules of Peachy were in the process of setting up their brick-&-mortar shop and graciously lent us a few pieces to style.  Now their store is fully functional in the heart of Shenton Park & yesterday they put on a show at Fashion Central to show off their current range.  Heavily inspired by the blogging world & street style*, Bec & Jules have curated an easy to wear, cool-girl aesthetic.  Not sure if some of the outfits are what you'd drop your kids off to school in (I'm not sure where Rayne Embley is dropping her kids off at...), but there's definitely a good mix of trendiness & wearability - especially if you like to show some leg or a bit of cheeky side-boob.  

Check out my favourite looks from their runway show - lots of leather, tracksuit silhouettes, & sneakers to get you back into that weekend mood.  Despite the fact it's Monday.  Yup, my heart is a little dead inside today.

PFF2013 (25 of 142).jpg

Go on, click it.  There is a ripped half-naked man waiting.**




PFF 2013: Student Runway [Highlights]

PFF2013 (167 of 169).jpg

I think we've made it quite clear over the last 12 months that Student Runway & other assorted student events are our favourite shows to attend.  Probably because the students put their all into their pieces & don't have the responsibilities of kowtowing to the mass market to contend with, which results in some crazily original designs.  Not particularly wearable at times, but who cares - this time it is art for art's sake which is still a good thing to foster in young designers.

For five hardworking students, their efforts were paid off as they were awarded as winners in each of the 5 categories of ready-to-wear mens & women's, eco design, evening wear, & costume design.  Melanie Nicholls took home the overall prize of the night as well with her neoprene creation - the next Dion Lee perhaps?

Check out my favourite pieces from last night's sold-out Student Runway - unfortunately it'd be killer to post all the photos here so I'm going to upload the whole lot to facebook!  If one of your pieces was photographed by me on the runway, drop us an email if you'd like the hi-res images since facebook likes to maul the quality.    


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PFF 2013: Poppy Lissiman Addition [Highlights]

PFF2013 (86 of 188).jpg

This is part two of the Fashion Central show at 1:30 yesterday, the latter half featuring looks from Poppy Lissiman Addition which will be available in store from next week.  True to Poppy's very individual eclectic style (which you can read about here), the show picked up the hyper-vibrant vibe from the Amore + Sorvette show & ran with it.  Nay, got into a Hummer with Disclosure pumped loud & literally roared away with it.  Note my use of non-literal "literally" because hyperbole is one way to describe Poppy's show.  

Not for the faint-hearted!


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PFF 2013: Amore + Sorvete [Highlights]

perth fashion festival PFF2013 (4 of 188).jpg

All you Perth Fashion Festival fans will know that one of the Fashion Central shows yesterday featured both Amore + Sorvete as well as our perennial favourite, Poppy Lissiman (yup, we've already pinned her down for an interview here).  However, I have too many highlights from both runways, so I'm going to go ahead and split the coverage into two so you can enjoy looking at both without your internet breaking from my liberal photo-inclusion.  On a side note, once the whole PFF circus is over we'll be thinking about putting up all our photos on facebook so you see each & every piece.  You'll just have to bear with me first whilst I catch my breath & actually cram in some uni study!!

Anyway, let's get back to the real reason for this post: the vibrant collection that Bridgette Gale sent down the runway for her swimwear label, Amore + Sorvete.  Yes - it's a bit cheeky (all puns intended) & editing the photos made be feel both proud to have re-started some Jillian Michaels torture but also ashamed of my un-beach-ready body.  What a way to inspire me to get out of bed.  Fresh from Miami Swim Fashion Week, the collection dubbed "El Mar" was inspired by the South Americas, & brings with it much of the associated liveliness & festival-like colour.  Oh and FYI, Poppy & Bridgette are BFFs!

So go on ahead & check out my favourite looks by clicking on the link below.  Or perhaps don't click on it if you're in the office...

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