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Freckle & Co.

Happy Monday!  
Think happy thoughts or drink lots of tea & the-day-starting-with-F won't seem so far away :)

Or alternatively, browse Etsy for cute handmade delights to lift your spirits.
Freckle & Co. is a local Etsy store full of the most gorgeous little handmade tassels to treat yourself or a friend (or one for each?)
There's even a selection from which 100% of the profits go to charity... now that's what I call a win-win situation.

Freckle & CoFreckle & Co
Freckle & Co

I found Freckle & Co through S of The Silver Lining & was waiting for the perfect recipient's birthday to finally come around so I could buy one.  It finally did this weekend - happy birthday Sinéad!

Take a peep at Freckle & Co if you're stuck for a gift.
(Mothers' Day soon!)

xx S



DIY: Current Elliot Star Jeans

Am I reposting one of our old projects?  Yes.
Is that sad? Are we running out of things to post about?  No and no. (Don't be silly, that'll never happen)

These super cool star-print Current Elliot jeans have been rehashed for a new season in a slouchy boyfriend style, so we just want to remind you how you can save yourself the $283 price tag by putting in a little elbow grease.

DIY Current Elliot Jeans
Jeans from Zara Bryson (arguably the best fashion store in Perth)

How to?

Use metallic fabric paint & a star stencil to stencil the shape all over the jeans.
Leave to dry.

Happy crafting!  Perhaps you could try a polka dot variation.

xx S

PS:  Oh, and don't worry if they get messy and start rubbing off  (mine didn't, because I was being quite slow & meticulous, but it is fiddly)  because the Current/Elliot stars are very patchy-looking.

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2WW: A Wow Skirt


Excuse our sorry lack of actual outfits for this 2WW, but we only just returned from the country last week to be chucked straight into emergency medicine!  So hopefully we will be able to find some time next week to continue photographing our outfit interpretations...
But for now, here's what we came up with when we challenged each other to style:

Michael Lo Sordo's mini ink print pencil skirt.

We promise we didn't peek at each other's collages!

But hilariously enough, we both seem to harbour a not-so-secret lust for that blooming Nars Schiap colour.  The truth comes out.

T's outfit

Blogger-outing appropriate, and relishing all that pink!

Witchery leather sleeve tee, Brian Atwood sandals (seriously wanting to add these to my non-existent nude-shoe collection), Molten Store rings (DIY inspiration!), Valentino Rockstud clutch, Nars lip pencil in Biscayne Park, Nars nail colour in Schiap

2ww skirt

S' outfit

Winter-weather appropriate, but still mega-luxe at the same time!

Rag & Bone jumper, Saint Lauren scarf, Wang Marion, Burberry trench (my dream coat!), Nars Schiap (have been meaning to buy this for a while, but am waiting for an excuse), Valentino Rockstud flats

Both outfits very representative of each of our styles!  Would you wear either of them?

xx S & T



Les Fiançailles

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 8.40.32 PM
Le Fanciulle (3 of 129).jpg
Le Fanciulle (7 of 129).jpg

After a lot of preparation and clever handiwork...



Oh Happy Day

There's a strange exhaustion that comes from finishing a term of uni, or a certain assessment you've got due.  Instead of the wild celebrations some might get up to (rather, that university students are supposed to get up to), T & I usually feel drained and ready to just plonk ourselves down on the couch and eat potatoes/become a potato.  It takes a few little pick-me-ups to return ourselves to our normal spirits & these are some I've tried of late.

Happy things 1
Happy 2

Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalising mask & cleansing gel, Subtitled cable knit, Nike running outfit, Ellie Goulding album.

Not pictured: time with family, sleep, kisses (ooo!), food(even more ooo!!)

What kinds of things do you do to lift your spirits and get yourself out of a "stink"?

Happy Sunday :)

xx S&T

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Make following easier here.



Like It or Not.

lefanciulle finally got facebook

After a long time of umm-ing and ahh-ing, we finally pulled our socks up and got ourselves a facebook page.  It's missing the "le" bit in the URL, because someone already stole lefanciulle/le.fanciulle, much to our annoyance.  But there it is, in all its fledgeling glory - a reward to ourselves for finishing our GP rotation!  

xx S & T

PS: For any Perthies, tomorrow is Northbridge O Day.  Get your butts down there!


Sunday Best

My party outfit

Simon & I are celebrating our engagement party on Sunday, and if the interwebz were my wardrobe this is what I'd wear.  

Unfortunately, it is not.  
So I'll have to make do with whatever I can find at home.

  This is also a sneaky hint to the ladies in attendance that this is the expected garb (don't get too fancy - it is a picnic after all).  
And this is the colour scheme if you want to dress to theme.





With seemingly endless case reports to write, it's timers, stop watches & rewards that get us through.  Sometimes it's silly little incentives like finish this stupid case reflection & you can browse Country Road for 10 minutes guilt free, but they're not that silly if you get your assignment in on time! Or pass your exam!  Below are some goodies I have found that wouldn't feel at all out of place in my wardrobe.

CR wishlist 1
CR wishlist 2

Intarsia knit, Metallic knit, grey roll neck knit, white roll neck knit, silk shirt - all Country Road.

After... let me count... nearly 18 years of education & counting (oh my goodness, that's nearly our whole lives), T&I have discovered that timers are the answer to the study dilemma.  Motivation doesn't always come at the right time (ie before a due date!) and there's nothing like a ticking clock to get your stress levels up just enough so you bother to work.  Timers are also the best way to ensure you work healthily & get proper breaks.  Breaks filled with tea, of course.

Speaking of study... back to it!

xx S

PS: Recognise any familiar faces on the Betts Blog?  Nope, neither do we ;)



2WW: Fancy Pants Edition

Funnily enough, all of our 2 Way Wednesday posts so far have been about pants & today is no exception.  We clearly live up to our LeFancyPants name!  Channelling a little bit of MBFWA street style, today's outfits are quite monochromatic.  Let's get the party started with some butt shots, hey?

Le Fanciulle (26 of 54).jpgLe Fanciulle (6 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (9 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (7 of 54).jpgLe Fanciulle (4 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (29 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (24 of 54).jpgLe Fanciulle (25 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (31 of 54).jpg

T wears
Cue shirt
General Pants skinny jeans
Witchery ballet flats

S wears
Hobbs pants
Dotti tshirt
Novo wedges
Bag from Salamanca markets

In retrospect, T looks like a chef and therefore would not repeat this outfit again.  Accidental chef chic?  Just one of the consequences of not owning a full-length mirror.

And now to journey the long 7+ hours back to Perth... hopefully this time we'll be staying there for a good while.  (Hear that uni?  No more sending us away!)

xx S&T



Fashern [a rant]

T: I guess that's the essence of "personal style" - you take it from other people...
S: BAHAH such an oxymoron then!

[an excerpt from a recent conversation of ours]


[Picture the girl]
She's wearing a horizontal striped top (of course), with distressed straight leg jeans, plain black ballet flats, a khaki anorak & carries her bare necessities in a little black leather sling bag.  So timeless!  So chic!   

But really, if what used to be timeless has now become on trend, does that mean it's not timeless at all?  What if the eternally cool French look has become mainstream... what are the French going to wear?  (Actually, I doubt they care, but the question still stands.)  Frogs aside, why oh why has classic become the new black?  That is, black reigns supreme.  If we knew anything about the global economy, now would probably be the time to draw a smart conclusion... but we don't.

Plenty has been written about fashion overload, oversaturation, and all sorts of wonderful terms that give reasoning for the Scandi-minimal way of the fashion world right now.  Stylish girls all around the shop are going "anti-fashion" with their wardrobes, culling is the new shopping & repeating outfits is as cool as saying your avocados are organic.  But is it even truly anti-fashion if the fashion is to be anti-fashion?  (read that sentence twice)  Or perhaps we are so caught up in the online world full of clones that we can't even see the TRULY stylish people in our midst.

So anyway.  A big rant for a normal little Monday.  A big rant that draws minimal conclusions & raises more questions than an existential crisis. 

We will sit here in our breton tops, jeans & leopard ballets & ponder it with you.




DIY Inspiration: Stuck on You

DIY idea for home1

This is the inspiration for my next DIY, to be completed when I return to Perth next week.  The bag above is from Low Classic (Korean brand which I am drooling over), and the laptop thingo is by STITX.  For this mystery project, my final clue is clear PVC, inspired by DIY guru, Geneva.

Stay tuned for the end result!

xx T



2WW: Canadian Tuxedo

The Canadian Tuxedo can be done really wrong or really right.
Today for 2 Way Wednesday, we've attempted the latter & hope we succeeded!

Again, the same instruction has yielded two very different ensembles.  (Without planning, we must add.)
Whilst T went for a traditional tux & added gold accents for interest, S manipulated the dress code using coloured denim. 

Le Fanciulle (10 of 54).jpgLe Fanciulle (32 of 54).jpg

T's Classic Tux
Wearing double denim hadn't even flashed across my radar because, 1: I was not in possession of a denim shirt until before I left for Albany, and, 2: I was a little clueless about the whole ordeal of doubling up my denim.  That was until this picture of O.P. surfaced, and I realised I had all the elements of her outfit.

Hence the blatant outfit-copy.

But I reckon it worked out okay - what do you think?

Le Fanciulle (12 of 54).jpgLe Fanciulle (14 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (13 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (11 of 54).jpg

T Wears
Zara jeans
ST&ARD Denim shirt
Country Road flats
Cheapie necklace from Cambodia

S' Springy Double Denim

These jeans are one of those outfit-making pieces of clothing that I usually grab in a running-out-the-door manner.  Instead of wearing them with my favourite Marcs stripey t-shirt (seen here & many other posts), which is worn more than any other top in my 'drobe, I decided to obey the dress code with a light denim shirt.

Admittedly, the black bag does not coordinate at all with the look, nor does the red notebook peeping out, but in an effort to portray reality on zis leedle blahg, here it is anyway.

Le Fanciulle (35 of 54).jpgLe Fanciulle (38 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (39 of 54).jpg
Le Fanciulle (36 of 54).jpg

S wears
Sass & Bide jeans from Recollections
Portmans denim shirt & jacket
Necklace from Ebay
Ferragamo bag (gift from T&Mr T)
Le Specs sunglasses

This time next week we'll be back in Perth.  Exciting is an understatement.

xx S&T




The It-Bag Conundrum


The Pashli.

Phillip's unassuming, little leathery bundle of vestiary perfection is exactly what sparked off our rant introspective into the It Bag last weekend.  A discussion between us, which we thought we'd share with you since it involves our beloved topic of fashion.

If not for the annoying popularity of said Pashli, I would be sitting here now holding aloft my (then envisioned) Bangkok purchase and this post would have never been conceived.  Of course, you all know that I: 1. never got a Pashli because they were sold out; and 2: settled for the Speedy 25 instead out of it being a pure "classic".  It so happened that S too was on a simultaneous path of bag-lust and had fallen in lust with the Pashli.  As was K (of Render Sublime).  And so I partook in two rather involved conversations about why we wanted it so badly, but on the other hand, had all experienced the collective feeling that feeding into the It-Bag trend of 2012 would get old rather quickly.  

There is something about the It-Bag that gets us going en masse.  Almost daily I see the Trio, the Trapeze, the Antigona, the Pashli, and more - a plethora of last year's most desirable bags.  And what more is that these desirable bags hang off the arms of desirable women who have lives that are probably more desirable than mine.  It's desire overload!  Those bags are also hideously expensive!  Therefore, what I think my illogical brain does is saunters over and slips me a neuronal napkin on which it is written "whoever owns those are damn cool and have their s*** sorted".  It's a status symbol; a symptom of affluenza, duh!  Thus of course, along I trot, longing after the next and the next.

S & I do, however, have a logical side to our brains, and we got a-thinking about the downsides to buying into the It-Bag craze.  You see, an It-Bag only has its time in the sun for so long until it gets old, and a younger, more attractive It-Bag sidles in and takes its place.  And as the Man Repeller's article most adeptly puts it: "the only thing that seems worse than wearing something outdated is wearing something outdated for which you overpaid for with the sole purpose of it being on trend".  Ouch.  Our other major gripe is that S & I are searching for individuality in a (blogger) world where every new cool thing saturates the blogosphere and simultaneously becomes more detestable to us whilst boosting street-style cred.  As much as we enjoy the craftsmanship and quality poured into our dear little Pashli and Trio, we have for the moment resolved to watch from afar for this very matter.

Will choosing to buy a bag that never reaches It-Bag status solve our personal conundrum?  But on the other hand, (to play devil's advocate) why drop a money-bomb on a expensive yet unrecognisable designer bag when you could get a cheaper alternative which garners the same level of attention?  

Something to think about whilst stroking your nappa leather.




Fossick Handmade


Kalgoorlie may be known for its gold, but I've succeeded in uncovering a different kind of gem.  Whilst T silently rejoices about Albany having a Spotlight, I am going to not-so-silently gloat about Kal's local destination for all things creative.  I chanced upon Fossick Handmade whilst on my lunch break from GP and boy am I glad to have found such a crafty oasis in a town that is... well... quite the opposite.

If you're into bunting, vintage clothing & just seriously cute things, this is the place to be.


This is the first time I have waltzed into a shop and done the blogger thang without T by my side, so be kind, little readers.

xx S

PS: Melbourne-turned-Kalgoorlie girl Bec posted about the gallery/gift shop here, if you want an insider's perspective!

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