DIY Sparkly Boots

And the DIY onslaught continues!!

Thanks to twitter, instagram and most of all Geneva of A Pair and a Spare (check out her awesome DIY blog!!), I was introduced to the wonderful blog of Style Crusader.  A little scrolling down on her blog led me to these:

I immediately added these to my growing collection of ankle-boot DIY inspiration pics.

A couple of hours free from the hospital - check.
DIY mood? - check.
DIY-able project?  

The end result:


How to make your own sparkly boots

Step 1:
Find a pair of ankle boots which are ready to be glittered.  Mine cost me a grand total of $10 thanks to Rubi shoes and a convenient voucher from my birthday - score!  (they are much higher than I wanted, but that's alright, they can just be another addition to my burgeoning heel collection.)

Step 2:
Get yourself some glitter and some craft glue.
I chose two glitter sizes (which I mixed together) - one larger to emulate the big sparkling look of the original photo, and one smaller to fill in the gaps.  The glue that I used is permanent fabric glue, but I reckon you could probably get away with normal craft glue and spray on some more adhesive after the glitter has dried. 

Step 3:
Glue and glitter your boot!  
(maybe should have mixed the glitter into the glue?  I have no idea.  At least mine is holding for now...)

Take photos of things whilst you wait for the glue to dry a little

Step 4:
Neaten up the edges by scratching off dried glitter and glue that's in the wrong place.  
(This took me longer than actually gluing and glittering, as I am a bit anal about neat lines etc.  S can testify to this.)

Step 5:
Marvel at your creation!  But try not to click your heels together or you'll lose precious glitter.

Style them with jeans or coloured trousers rolled up at the hem, or some black leggings and a jumper-dress for a bit of casual glam.

Other similar DIY ideas for glitter & shoes:
- These boots in different colours (black on tan, black on black, silver on black, black & gold haha...)
- Glittery loafers (loafers seem to be all the rage) Edit: completed these here!
- Glittery pumps (see Geneva's here) - I'm thinking red, green and electric blue!




DIY Sheer Maxi Skirt

Whilst we do have another PFF post in the works, we thought you could have a little break from runway posting...

The same A from this post has made it on here again!  This time she has struck gold with a DIY black sheer maxi skirt that looks fabulous on her super tall frame/giraffe legs.  Apologies for the faceless photos, she insists her hair was "rank" to quote her exactly.

DIY sheer maxi, Cue belt, H&M wedges

She also has some blue & orange sheer fabric sitting on her desk, so I predict that there'll be more where that came from!

T also has an ahh-mazing DIY to show you that she completed today.  GAH! It is actually amazing.  (I sound like a total airhead raving on about it, I know)

xx S

PS: If you want a cheap thrill to get you through the week, Asos.com is having an up to 50% off sale here.  Check it out quickly, it's only for 48 hours!  I may or may not have already bought something...



Perth Fashion Festival: Ae'lkemi

The much anticipated night finally arrived...  Ae'lkemi at the 2011 Perth Fashion Festival.  T & I, clearly way too keen, trekked to WA Museum and arrived there so early we had plenty of time to people watch!
(and let me tell you, there were some very watchable people!)

The Ae'lkemi show was full of luxurious colours & materials; think cream feathers, gold python-print, chartreuse silk (September's colour!) and heavily draped black sequins.  If there were a polar opposite to jeans and a tee, it would definitely be an Ae'lkemi gown.
The jewellery, including skull designs by Teagan Sewell, long chain earrings and back adornments, was equally as unique and looked perfect with the gowns. 

Below was T's favourite dress - she had so many photos of it!
Chartreuse paired perfectly with coral pink and turquoise (must try this ASAP!)

Show-stopping ostrich feather gown above & below- exquisite!
One of my favourites, but so difficult to photograph due to its glittery-ness!

Some tribal influences with the skull necklaces and bracelets by Teagan Sewell

Apart from the clothes, T & I were both keen to replicate the elegant low ponytail style seen in the show... and with our ball coming up THIS Saturday, what better opportunity! (Grow, hair, grow!)

Some outfit photos:

Oh look, it's S going crazy with '50s style & Farrah of Distrikmode looking lovely as usual.
T debuting her mad (and rad) Gorman pants and Kim of Blonde Suburbia - how nice is that dress colour!?

Great runway photography by T. For some official photos, check our Stefan Gosatti's selection here.

xx S



Perth Fashion Festival: Day 3 street-style snaps

Here are some of the first ever street style photos I've taken - all outside Perth GPO on Friday (day 3 of PFF).  We were egged on by Andrew and Christopher from the photography workshop to approach people to get some photos, and here's the ones I got.  Enjoy!  

Purple velvet - Stanton

Yellow check - Leya

Jenna, Emma & Tayler
(Emma & Tayler are both Curtin student designers with their work on show this year!)

Turquoise silk (Equipment?) - Moana

xx T
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