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Black White Grey


So it's the last day of January (*sigh* already??) and S and I are fresh into our second week of uni.  Why a month early you ask?  Well the faculty figures that it'd look better if we weren't totally clueless when they let us loose in the hospitals in a couple of weeks.  Wish us luck as we both get thrown into the deep end next month!

However, the last week has been pretty cruisy anyway since there's no rigorous studying involved, so we've both had plenty of time to lounge around, have fun on Australia Day (stay tuned for a post featuring S's other-half's fantastic photos), and skulk around some shops (I finally managed to check out some of the little boutiques I drive by every day along William St, and I also scouted out an op-shop on the weekend - so much fun when you don't have study to get back to!).

Anyway, here are some photos that I took yesterday of a B&W movie that was playing at midday.  It was a 1940 film called "Waterloo Bridge" that starred Vivien Leigh (of Gone With The Wind fame) - I was just enchanted by her lovely sheer dress that she was wearing!
I also went to an "Old Hollywood"-themed 21st on the weekend, with a giant projection of some Audrey Hepburn movies playing.  Needless to say, I am now hankering to get my hands on some old movies (Breakfast at Tiffany's to start me off I think!)


I won't ruin Waterloo Bridge for anyone by giving away the ending, but it really is a beautiful movie.

Happy end-of-January!
xx T



Assorted Stolen Inspiration

Some pictorial inspiration for the end of January...

I can't wait for my hair to be long enough to do this again
These bloody shoes won't leave me alone. I am seeing them everywhere...and I waaant!
Cannot get enough of this 50s silhouette.
The macarons gave me the cooking bug!
This shoe wall would be nice. The shoes would be nicer.

(pictures via popcultureafternoon, karla'scloset, seaofshoes, cupcakesandcashmere)

And that is all for now!

Check back soon for pictures of some Australia Day shenanigans!

xx S



Mmmm macarons!

S and I wrote out a list of things we wanted to do in our summer holidays, but due to the fact that either one of us were away from home for the majority of it, we didn't get much of our list done!
However, we did do one thing...  MAKE MACARONS!  (to somewhat quell my Laduree cravings from my stint in Paris 3 weeks ago).

I was lucky to receive this book from Bec (of Fictional Reality & Pencil and Paper fame) for Christmas, which sparked off our culinary rampage in the kitchen.
(It's best you look at the macarons on the top of the pile, not on the bottom :P )

So last week we had our first attempt at making some plain mini macarons - and for our first try they turned out quite well I might add!  The texture was almost there, and the taste was just about right too.  We just need to work on shape and filling - a few minor changes to our method and I think we'll be getting some less-malformed looking ones soon! 

DSC_0017 DSC_0021
It did take a lot (and I mean a lot!) of preparation...  And that was with 3 of us doing separate jobs at the same time! (Simon was taking the photos whilst the girls were doing the hard work)
DSC_0022 DSC_0044
Everything had to be just right...
DSC_0177 DSC_0290
We did have a considerable number of failed macarons (misshapen, cracked, etc), which we christened failaroons... But we had a number of more handsome ones as well!

Team effort definitely paid off in this case!  Stay tuned for more macaron-ing in the near future - 

xx T



Loot shoot - T's turn!

I'm back! Well I was back on Wednesday afternoon, but today I've finally got the house and the camera to myself to take some shots of my loot-stash from my trip to Paris and London.  Looking at our blog, I can see that S has been holding the fort wonderfully whilst I've been away!  Kudos to my partner in crime :)

In total, my family and I have taken approximately 3 000 photos, some of which will be finding their way onto this blog in due time (read: when I finally sit down and go through them all).  But for now, I leave you with my one and only loot-shoot from my travels.

Why so little you ask? (yes, I failed to bring back 7kg like S - or at least I think I did... I didn't weigh my luggage before I left because I was sharing one suitcase with my mother when we went across).
Well, I can't say the cold weather is very conducive to purchasing clothes, especially when you have 2 layers of thermals under a jumper and a coat!

Anyway, enough with the words.  I'll show you the goods!

A coat from MANGO - lighter than my current TopShop one (therefore more suited to Perth weather!)
Couldn't resist this silk concoction from Zara!
A bit of an impulse buy, but it was shiny!  And lacy!!
Mandatory jean-replacement time from Zara
As you can see, S is slowly turning me into a bow-collector as well.
A pair of practical patent pumps from my new favourite shoe store, Russell & Bromley!  I have been dying for a pair like this, and I finally found some (which mum so kindly paid for)
Some more bows... Some more patent shoes from R&B...

And last but definitely not least... My big splurge for the trip:
Simple, practical, and with the gold hardware that I was looking for.  Perfect for me!

xx T
(stay tuned for some travel shots soon!)


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Blogger feature: Cinderella story

A blog you've really got to get STRAIGHT onto, if you're not already, is thecherryblossomgirl. I mean, I don't know at all what her life is like, but if there's one person in the world who lives a fairytale, it must be her!

And seeing as T and I have both recently been to Paris, she is my current fav!
And the photos (one shown below) in her latest post are beyond amazing. Amaz, one might even say.
All pictures from thecherryblossomgirl

xx S

PS: Obsessed with pics of strangers' weddings? Look no further...she had the perfect one!




Summer Escapades

Image courtesy of PX

The image is of a beautiful summer escapade I recently undertook with some friends recently to Mundaring Wier. Some more photos of the day may make their way onto here eventually.

xx S



DIY Louis Vuitton shoes

So I have an obsession with bows, as you may have noticed
And ever since I saw these Louis Vuitton "Beauty" pumps, I have been longing to do a DIY project on a pair of my own shoes, but alas- I didn't have any suitable!
Then I found these for £7 in London:
And I found this ribbon at home, that was used for hair in its previous life:
And made this detachable bow (wonky in this picture)...
Collected my equipment...

Work in progress

And there you have it...some glam LV-esque shoes without the $2000 price tag!!

xx S
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