Currently Craving: A Casual Classic

For a girl who classes ballet flats as 'walking shoes', my current shoe craving is highly peculiar.  Maybe it's a sign of getting old (21 is so old!) that I want more sensible and comfortable shoes!

Some white converse sneakers would be a welcome addition to my 'shoedrobe' and would give those poor old black flats a break! Now just to find somewhere that stocks them, as I have never had an eye out for them before! Anyone know any online stockists?
Photos from TheSartorialist & WeHeartIt

xx S



Decade by Decade: 1950s

This elegant lady is R from I Read Therefore I Am, but more importantly, she is our lovely friend from uni and talented MUA for our recent day of dress ups.

Have a look at the 1950s part of our day!  
She wore a typical 50s flared skirt and feminine blouse, with ladylike hair, makeup and accessories.

Using her own supplies (which were plentiful to say the least), she created a flawless finish, with winged eyeliner paired with a gorgeous deep-red lip colour.
Riti wears: Cue shirt, Cue skirt, Wittner cream wedges, thrifted silk scarf, DIY'd pearl strand

We reckon Riti suits 1950s clothing so well... what a bombshell!

xx S&T



Decade by Decade: 1950s preview

This is a sneak-peek of the end-result of our whole day spent playing dress-ups last week!  With R's makeup skills, T's photography skills and S's... endless chatter (and tea-making skills), the photos turned out quite fabulously!

We will be posting the Decade by Decade shoots on Mondays so, if you're interested in vintage style, keep checking back for the full 1950s, '60s & '70s posts in the following weeks.

xx S&T

PS: Do you like books & makeup?  Have a peep at R's blog here for some useful tips & reviews.



Stark Contrast

The other day when i zipped past Saba, I saw an awesome silk shirt in the window.  It was white with a black collar, and reminded me so much of those darn Equipment shirts!  Unfortunately, I have to save the bucks for Simon's birthday and our end-of-year trip, so forking out $200 on it was not going to happen.


(I couldn't be bothered taking a screen-shot of the Saba shirt, but here are those drool-worthy washed silk Equipment shirts - the 'Sophie' on the left, and the 'Brett' on the right.  Images from Net-A-Porter)

To add more insult to the injury, ASOS couldn't help me out either - they sold out!  Although I do like the way they styled their version; plain and simple with some black shorts and pumps.

So out of desperation I trawled through the thousands of shirts at YesStyle... 

And they had not only one, but more than five different styles!  *hooray*
No long-sleeves though, because they didn't seem to have any on there, apart from one which had some extra chest-flaps which I wasn't partial to.  Nonetheless, in conclusion, I couldn't decide which one to get, so I got the two shown below.  Woop! 

Now to play the waiting game with the post-man.

xx T


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Finding New Colours

One of the most exciting things about trying new outfits has to be trying new colour combinations.  In fact, all of the challenges that T & I have issued to each other have been to do with colour.

This picture below from All the Pretty Birds prompted me to mix mustard with denim & although I'm not entirely satisfied with my result so far, no harm in showing you!
Left: picture from AllthePrettyBirds
Right: thrifted skirt, shirt & belt

I think the colour of her skirt is actually chartreuse... what a ridiculous name for a colour, by the way.  On the topic of that colour, I have been on a recent chartreuse-buying rampage, so hopefully you will be seeing more of it!

In other news, today was the second day back at uni for us...  Boo hoo!!

xx S


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Holiday fun!

Today is Monday, which means holidays end...today! To keep in the holiday spirit when we should be knuckling down, here are a few happy snaps (what a stupid phrase - who ever takes sad snaps!?) from our trip to the seaside.  Inevitably, there are more where they came from!!

Reading "The Fashion File" by Mad Men's costume designer...an awesome book!

T wearing her birthday scarf and happy beanie!

Did you get blinded by the sunlight??

xx S&T



An Elegant T Party

True to form, T (and family) put on a decadent afternoon-tea feast to celebrate 21 years.  Thanks to our skilled friends, there are some awesome photos to document the day!  Try not to drool at the food...

 ♥ Our two mischievous lads ♥

A real old English couple!

Always making faces those two!  (the dapper one in the sports jacket is CQ - one of our photographers)

Thanks to CQ, Dyl and Px for the lovely photos :)

xx S&T



Stay Winter... Stay!

These shots of Chloe Fall 2011 collection are making me really want more Winter weather! It really is easier to look smart in the cooler months, as fabrics tend to be thicker, nicer and just look better for some reason or other. It won't be long until Perth is too hot for tights & boots, not to mention that calf-length coat!

Pictures via fashiongonerogue

I have always been averse to middle parts, but I must say these pictures are quite convincing to the contrary!

In other news, today T & I had a lovely (and productive) long day with R of I Read Therefore I Am, which we will be sure to show you soon. Some posts in the pipeline include T's birthday party, our 50s-60s-70s themed dress ups from today & some relaxing holiday snaps.

As per tradition, we are going holiday-post-crazy!

xx S

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T's 21st - Just a taster...

Hey party people!
S and I have come back from our get-away to Eagle Bay and have tons to show you!  (it is our holiday week, after all!!)

Just a teaser for the real post (coming soon) about my 21st :)

xx T




We have just returned from a mini break & T has been compulsively intagram-ing, as you might have noticed if you're a twitter follower. Have a look at a little snippet of our holiday so far...

If you're thinking gosh, do their lives revolve around food? after looking at these pictures...well, it's true!!

We have heaps (and I mean heaps) of things to show you mysterious people so hold onto your seats!

xx S (instagram credits to T)
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