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Now I just need some rain...

S & I were getting a bit glum this winter, both of us having ruined a perfectly good pair of suede shoes thanks to a few rainy walks from uni to the med library.  We joked around a bit about having wellies - namely Hunters, which had been getting quite a lot of coverage on the web thanks to Kate Moss (who else, really?).

So it was a huge surprise when S and a few other of my girly pals got me a pair of Hunters for my birthday!  Of course, it's not raining now, but I'm betting they're going to get a work-out when I go abroad this coming summer holiday!

xx T



So Frenchy, So... Isabel Marant.

T & I have been in lust with Isabel Marant's 2010 Fall collections for some time...

Whilst I'm not sure either of use would wear sparkly blue pants on any given day, it is a fantastic idea to add colour to an outfit by changing the colour of your pants.  Who would've thought?

├ža alors!  Aren't these looks just so simple and cool?

We love how the collection is so effortlessly chic - they're such easy looks to emulate.  Just roll your jeans, half-tuck your shirt into your pants (or wrap an obi-belt around the waist), put on some low heels (so that the cropped-pants don't crop your silhouette too much), then some dangly earrings and perhaps a silk neck-scarf to round off the look.  It's all very laid-back.

Give me a pair of scissors - i want to cut up my jeans now!

Pictures from Elle.com

T & S xx


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The Fish and the Chip

Finally - the weather is wonderful again!  And to celebrate the start of study break and the fact that we're now 3/4 finished with this semester, we joined our uni pals at Cottesloe beach for a fish and chip lunch!

What a poser.  But a stunning one at that!

Greasy goodness

A fight to the death

mmmm... Icecream!

xx T & S





After a little misunderstanding with Yesstyle over a pair of pants in a size too big (who knew Korean sizing ran large???), I was perusing their site with my newfound store credit when I came across this lovely dress by a nifty Korean brand called Orangestyle.  (and now I wish i knew how to read Korean because I've been drooling over almost everything on their site).

So naturally, I bought it...  That is, after a long time deciding whether I should stick with navy blue - a safe colour, or go with the light brown.  (A calculated risk because I am rather tanned...).  But it's here now, and I don't look washed out or strangely coloured with it on (big *phew*).

Pleats (to create the illusion that I have some form of womanly shape...)
A nifty brown belt that came with it!

 And the other day, when Net-a-Porter released the "Big Fashion" issue of their online magazine, it reminded me of the dress!


Can't wait to wear it out somewhere...

xx T



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Currently Craving: a wardrobe update

Just a quick post on a couple of things we are craving at the moment to update our collection of clothing.

S craves:

  • a thin chambray shirt
  • cute floral dresses
  • plain leather wedges (I found these in an op shop today for $12, in my size, in new cond.!!!)
  • comfortable black flats (I have been looking for these since my $30 Betts pair sadly passed away!!)
  • slimline beige chinos
  • more beige, nude, pastel in general (ok this is not one item)
  • silk culottes, if they even exist
  • some black jersey to make a maxi skirt
  • a hair cut!
Witchery wedges would do me just fine (says the girl with a small Witchery obsession)

This Sportsgirl dress looks so handy, but I don't think I'd have trouble finding something similar in an op shop ;)

T craves:

  • casual summery dresses - a shirt-dress would be divine!
  • a black knee-length skirt
  • a classic black cardigan (how have I not managed to find the perfect one yet?)
  • a casual blazer
  • some statement headbands
  • a brown leather jacket (possibly following the shearling/aviator trend?  I don't know just yet...  This would definitely be an investment piece.)
  • these Witchery shorts!  (But I am tres poor at the moment, so I will resist, despite the lure of the "boarding pass" campaign! I WILL RESIST!!)




I'm Blue! (abadeeabadie)

On the weekend, it was our lovely friend Emily's 21st birthday at the Oxford Hotel in Leederville, during which Le.Fanciulle and a few merry (some very merry) friends snapped away some memories and participated in some good old tom-foolery.
Here are a few pictures from our night out, just to show you that we do indeed tear ourselves away from the books and go out!

The gorgeous birthday girl!!

S & T xx
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